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Product name:XDSL boiling furnace for gypsum calcination

Update time:2016-12-29 17:44:10

XLDSL series calciner is a patent product of our Company, which is mainly applies the fluidization technology and it is mainly used in dedicated high-efficient equipment to calcine natural gypsum (CaSO4 ? 2H2O) and industrial byproduct gypsum (phosphogypsum and de-sulfurized gypsum) to produce building gypsum. Introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced domestic and foreign calcination technologies, we have researched, developed and improved our own gypsum calciner during the production process.  


1.The whole device adopts optimized design and applies new materials, advanced manufacturing technology. It is designed and manufactured on the basis of the characteristics of gypsum powders in different regions. With low temperature heat source, there is no moving part inside the equipment, therefore, no maintenance is necessary.  

2.The equipment adopts fluidization technology and high-density conductive elements, so its heat transfer area is large, which is of the production capacity higher than twice of the traditional calcination equipments. The calciner is vertical, very compact and occupies a small area.  

3.It consumes low heat and electricity. Its comprehensive thermal efficiency is over 95%, saving more than 40% of energy and more than 40-50% of electricity compared with that of the traditional calcination equipments.

4.With the computer automatic control technology, it is easy to operate; with low temperature heat source, it is of reasonable structure, stable quality and easy adjustment of variety during production and operation.

5.With infrastructure investment and low operating costs, its construction cost is lower than that of the traditional ones of the same size; with low energy consumption, less equipment maintenance and long service life, its operating cost is reduced by more than 50% compared with that of the traditional ones.  

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